Tips for Packing your Portable Storage Container

Unlike packing a traditional moving truck, when you pack your portable moving container you will have more options.

Not only does Bins provide free furniture pads but our units also have custom tie down rings on the inside of our containers. These rings help secure your belongings & prevent shifting while moving this will help keep your personal items from damage.

There is no need to worry about where to place your heavy items in our storage containers, there is no need to make sure that they are position right or placed directly over the wheel wells which can be an important factor if you are using a U-haul truck or a trailer to move your items.

Using Bins Portable storage is easy and stress free, because you can pack the way that works best for your situation and most importantly you can take your time packing your moving boxes and furniture at your own pace.

Here is a quick packing tip: books are heavy, so try to pack them in multiple small to medium size boxes. Large boxes will quickly become too heavy and the chances of the box falling apart under pressure are increased. And most importantly it may also help to reduce some back injuries among your friends.

When you fill up your moving bin try to pack on the right and left being sure to leave a space down the middle of your container so you can walk to the back of the unit to retrieve items or to help secure your load or protect your precious cargo using our included moving blankets.

Our sturdy, waterproof portable moving & storage containers are designed with moving in mind.   

We also offer three sizes to ensure the best fit for your storage needs: 5ft, 10ft, and 16ft. All of our containers are 8ft in height and 7ft wide.

Do you have any packing tips? – We’ll publish the best on our blog