How to Prepare for Your Storage Container

What to Do After Ordering Your Bins® Storage Pods

When placing your order with Bins portable storage containers, please make sure we have credit card information on file to reserve or hold your reservation. To ensure complete satisfaction, we won’t charge your card until after the delivery.

Since we do not require anyone to be home or onsite during delivery, our drivers won’t be involved in the payment process and have no way to accept cash or card payments. We hope this is more convenient for you and provides greater scheduling flexibility.

Please check out our “Placement Chart” below to guide you through the many combination options available. Once a number is selected (1-18) and communicated to our customer service representatives, our drivers will take care of the rest.

Need Packing Assistance?

Bins offers DIY moving services with full-service options, like partnering with professional packing and moving companies that will do the work for you. Give us a call and we’ll put you in touch with a reputable full-service moving company that will treat your belongings like their own.

What to Do Before We Deliver Your Bins® Storage Pods

If you plan to have your Bins storage containers placed in a driveway, please be sure to remove your cars from the garage so we don’t block them in.

Our trucks and our patented lift system keep your Bins storage pods level. We need at least 35-40 feet to back straight up to unload. This includes space on the road to turn into a drive or a parking lot.

We lift our containers from the top, allowing us to place our Bins storage containers side by side and very close to one another. This way, we can easily swap out containers, saving you money in transportation costs. Ask your Bins representative about our ability to swap out storage pods when you need more than one container for your moving or storing needs.

Lifting our containers from the top requires at least 15 feet of overhead clearance, meaning we can’t have any overhanging wires, tree branches, or basketball hoops above the delivery area.

If you have a gate or a single-car driveway, no problem. If you can back your car through your gate or into your driveway, we can back our truck through. We need a minimum of 9 feet of clearance to back up our 105-inch wide truck.

We generally like to keep our truck tires on hard surfaces like pavement or gravel. We also prefer to keep our containers on private property, but if that’s not possible, we can place storage containers on the street or in other public areas. You would need a permit on file with your city or municipality prior to delivery.  If you need help obtaining any public permits, please ask your Bins® storage pods rental representative, and we’ll point you in the right direction.

Some neighborhoods or apartment complexes have homeowners associations or building managers that may have their own regulations. If so, you may want to check with them for requirements prior to our arrival.

Need Insurance Coverage?

Bins has partnered with Storage Protectors to make insuring your stored belongings easy. Check out our Bins Protection page for more information on what is covered through Bins, what policies you can add to your rental agreement and how to get a zero charge deductible.

What to Do After Your Bins® Storage Containers are Delivered

Your Bins storage containers come with complementary packing blankets as an added value to help you protect your belongings. Please ask your Bins representative for more information if you’d like to rent additional blankets.

When packing your Bins storage pods, please be sure to pack your items tightly to optimize container space. Utilize the built-in tie-downs to guarantee minimal shifting of items in transit. Bins is not responsible for shifting items if your container is packed improperly.

Pack items you may need during your rental period toward the front so you won’t have to dig to the back of your Bins container to access them.

Try to distribute the weight of your items evenly throughout the Bins container during the packing process. Balancing your Bins container will help our drivers load the container onto our trucks and make transportation smoother.

You should not store perishable, combustible, or personally valuable items in your Bins storage containers. Please review our Terms and Conditions if you have any questions about what you can and cannot store in your container.

After you pack your Bins storage containers, you need to use a padlock to keep your belongings secure. Any sort of combination lock or padlock is compatible with your container. Remember to hold onto your key or write down your combination to make redelivery quick and easy.

Contact Bins® for Stress-Free Storage Pods Rental

At Bins, we strive to make storage pods rental more manageable than ever before. Our primary goal is to take the stress out of your moving experience and make your life easier as a result. If you have any additional questions, please contact a knowledgeable Bins® representative for assistance.