Our Customer Reviews

Bins, LLC cares greatly about our customers’ experience. As a family owned and operated business, we’re able to grow based on the reviews and feedback we receive from our customers. Please take a moment to leave a review on one of the websites about your experience with our company.

Stacie S.

Ordered the largest Bin for a Move. Wonderful service! Drivers were professional friendly and very careful with the container. We are about to order a 2nd...

Larry Smiley

Our experience with Bins, LLC was positive. I was impressed by the apparent cleanliness of the warehouse. I saw no moisture problems. Les and Greg were always helpful, very timely.

Roger Minner

We have needed to store items from our church due to having limited space. Bins has been extremely accommodating and responsive! They work around our schedule when we need access and are prompt to transport items when we make a request.

Kristi Higginbotham

We had a terrific experience with Bins, LLC. Greg was so responsive and easy to work with from day 1. We truly appreciated his insight, patience, and flexibility.

The drivers were top-notch. They were professional, nice, and I could tell they truly enjoyed their work. They took their job very seriously and handled our property and the company equipment with the utmost care.

I highly recommend Bins, LLC.!

Shane C.

This service was spot on. I needed a 16' bin and received a nice clean unit exactly when promised. I was even able to specify how I wanted it dropped off in...

Amie Tope

I needed a portable storage unit on extremely short notice and after calling Bins I was able to have one delivered to me the next day. Communication was impeccable and service was outstanding. I have never used a competitor and as long as I live in Columbus I will only use and recommend Bins. I had to pack fragile items into the unit and nothing was broken.

Nicholas A.

This was an amazing experience. Needed a bin for approx a month to take my sons college housing contents out of his house to be moved back in later with new...