Our Customer Reviews

Bins, LLC cares greatly about our customers’ experience. As a family owned and operated business, we’re able to grow based on the reviews and feedback we receive from our customers. Please take a moment to leave a review on one of the websites about your experience with our company.

Jay Buterbaugh

Very responsive and able to adjust to our needs. Rented a total of 3 units to move from a home to a condo. Multiple drop offs and able to dictate when items could be stored and delivered. Greg and his employees are extremely professional and courteous. Communication was excellent and prompt. Highly recommended.

Nicholas A.

This was an amazing experience. Needed a bin for approx a month to take my sons college housing contents out of his house to be moved back in later with new...

Renee Mushalko

Following a family tragedy, our house had fallen into a state of neglect. Once we finally regained our composure and motivation to work on it, we needed temporary storage (16 ft unit) to allow us to work on things in and around the house. We anticipated only using the storage for maybe a couple of months, but it proved so convenient and helpful to our work, that we decided to keep it a lot longer (months!!!). This company has personable staff, and Mr. Tuel was a pleasure to work with as our plans kept evolving. The unit was clean and was incredibly helpful to us, and we are grateful for the progress it allowed us to make to get our house to a better place. Both the drop off and pickup went exactly as we had scheduled. It has been a great experience. I have no hesitation recommending Bins!

Billie Flach

I cannot say enough positive things about my experience with BINS. Greg is on it, always responds to text, emails or calls. Very responsive and helpful. Using BINS was SO nice, we used 3 to move from our old house to a new home and it mad moving super convenient. The BINS were dropped off and we packed them up and then the BIN was hauled away for storage. Then when we were ready for move in day, the bins were delivered right to our new home and we didn't have to make 50 trips back and forth to the old house to get our items. This made moving way less stressful and we could take our time with moving large items in. Everything was contact free too. The reps that moved the bins were professional and always called when they were 30 mins out. I have never worked with such an amazing company. I hope to never move again but if I do, I will def use BINS.

Stacie S.

Ordered the largest Bin for a Move. Wonderful service! Drivers were professional friendly and very careful with the container. We are about to order a 2nd...

Shane C.

This service was spot on. I needed a 16' bin and received a nice clean unit exactly when promised. I was even able to specify how I wanted it dropped off in...

Joan Kendall-Sperry

I packed up my life three years ago to move back to Columbus thinking that I would only need to store my belongings for a few months. Took a little longer then a few months but my stuff is out of the bin and still in great condition. Greg and Les are the two I've interacted with the most and they've been great. Glad to use a local company.


We sold our old house and ended up not closing on our new house fast enough. All of the other places like PODS couldn’t get to us for over a week. We needed something in a few days. Greg got us fixed up with two bins. Moved the bins to our new location. Then picked them up as soon as they were empty. I hope I never have to move again but if I do we’ll be using Greg again!!! They guys there are fantastic. The prices are great too. Easy transaction. Fast. What you want in a company. Plus they are local and that’s even better!!! Thanks guys!!!!