Our Customer Reviews

Bins, LLC cares greatly about our customers’ experience. As a family owned and operated business, we’re able to grow based on the reviews and feedback we receive from our customers. Please take a moment to leave a review on one of the websites about your experience with our company.

Alvin B.

I highly recommend Bins. Greg is great to work with. Also, the delivery persons are very nice and a pleasure to talk to as they deliver or pick up the bins....

Lance Balistrere

Columbus Bins was great! I just completed a move that was 6 months in the making, I had 3 bins filled, moved and dropped off at my new home, both the customer service and delivery teams were exceptional. I would recommend them for any move! Also their system of keeping the bin level is amazing and safe! Nothing shifted in the whole process!

Lance Balistrere

Shane C.

This service was spot on. I needed a 16' bin and received a nice clean unit exactly when promised. I was even able to specify how I wanted it dropped off in...

Sarah Fair

It was great working with BINS during our most recent move. We had sold our home and were without a home for 15 days. I was referred to BINS by our moving company and we very pleased. The BINS are placed exactly were you want them and were lifted straight up and down so there was no shifting of our belongings. They were delivered, picked up, and re-delivered on the days we requested. Could not have made the move as easily without BINS. Highly recommend.

Zena Waters

I recently had my home built; while it was being built, I needed to store my things. I used Bins because they had the best prices. But after using them, they not only had the best prices, they were very accommodating. They dropped the bins off on time and I filled them up. I forgot to call them the day before to pick the bins up, before I had to be out of my old house but that didn't matter. I called them that same day and they were able to come and pick up the bins before the deadline. The driver was very nice and careful with my things. Thanks Guys.

Lauren Araiza

I'm so impressed with Bins! We needed a Bin to store some things as we got ready to sell our house, then move to our new house. Our Bin was delivered and transported quickly. Greg was super helpful and accommodating and the drivers were excellent. I recommend Bins to everyone. After multiple family members had terrible experiences with a certain national company, working with Bins was so refreshing.

Michael Gifford

Had my garage floor tour out, and a new one poured. Got with Greg, and he recommended two 8' bins to store all the stuff in my garage. They worked out perfectly. Got everything out and into the bins, got my floor removed and a new one put in. The bins fit perfectly on one side of my driveway, so the cement contractor easily worked around them. Highly recommend them, if you have a garage project, or are moving.

Emily Bennett

This was the 2nd time we used Bins out of Columbus, OH. They have some of the best customer service that I have experienced from a company. Their team is friendly, accommodating to the crazy changing schedule of moving, delivered and picked up on scheduled times, easy communication, and overall reduced the stress of moving! We are hoping this is our forever home and we don't move again, but if we do we will be calling Bins again!

Jim Mathias

Very reasonably priced with excellent service. All available services and bins sizes were reviewed with us during the initial call and pictures of the bins were sent for our review. The drivers were very pleasant and ensured that the bins were placed where we wanted them with no damage to our property. I would highly recommend Bins.

Brianne Sundwall

Greg and Camie were amazing to work with! They couldn't have been more accommodating! Our client informed us after 4pm the day before Thanksgiving that they needed last minute storage for that weekend and Greg and Camie made it happen! Wish I knew the names of drivers etc that also played a part, so a big thank you to all of them as well! 16' Storage container dropped of as promised and on time on the holiday weekend! They were extremely helpful throughout the whole process and made sure we knew all of the options of sizes etc. All pricing was simple and clearly explained up front (even though it was almost 5pm evening before Thanksgiving) with no surprise fees. Will definitely use them for any future needs and would feel 100% comfortable recommending them to any friends, family or customers that have a similar need. Thank you again for the excellent service, we really couldn't have asked for anything more since you went above and beyond from the start!

Aaron Olsen

Greg and company was super easy to communicate with, the units were nice, and as described. Schedules were right on the money, were clean looking, and just super convenient to load and unload on your schedule. Highly recommend this company.

LJ Foor

Back in 2011, I was downsizing and putting my household in storage to move-in with my Dad for a year. I found Bins when I wanted an affordable portable storage bin that could actually be delivered. I lived in an older neighborhood, with poles and wires overhead, not suitable for drop down bin delivery. So, on an internet search, I find a local storage business with horizontal bin delivery, and there you go. Greg Tuel and the Bins staff were a pleasure to work with out of the starting gate, and I felt like they were always thinking about accommodating me and making my experience a good one, right down to little conveniences like having plenty of furniture blankets. I ended up staying with my Dad longer than expected by a few years (which was a wonderful experience – he has passed away, and in that time with him, I heard stories I would never have heard otherwise and enjoyed great moments just hanging out with my Dad). As Bins grew over the years, I’d get the occasional notice that they’d moved to a new warehouse and never had to give ‘my stuff’ a second thought. Once my Dad passed, and I started to get ready to move, Bins delivered what, at this point, I called my “time capsule,” and after nearly seven years in storage, when I rolled open the bin door, everything was just as I left it. Bottom-line, I recommend Bins. Bins took good care of my stuff (treated it like it was theirs), storage fees are reasonably priced, the lines of communication always open, and bin delivery and pick-up were always timely and easy. All in all, a greatly appreciated five-star experience.

Rhonda Litton

Bins was awesome to work with! Everyone I spoke to over the phone was great, answered all of my questions, and scheduling the drop off and pick up of the bin was easy. I highly recommend Bins over some of the competitor portable storage options!

Kelsey Schilling

I have nothing but wonderful things to say about our experience with Bins! Greg and Camie were absolutely wonderful to work with and were always so pleasant and accommodating! My husband and I moved our entire home into 3 Bins, stored them in their facility, and 8 months later had them delivered to our new home. There is not a single thing in either move that I have to complain about all because of the exceptional customer service Greg and Camie provided during both moves! If you’re looking for a wonderful, local company with rates that beat their competitors, look no further!

Stacie S.

Ordered the largest Bin for a Move. Wonderful service! Drivers were professional friendly and very careful with the container. We are about to order a 2nd...

Aaron Roberts

simply top-notch
We filled up 2 BINS during move to get stuff out of the house before we put it on the market. The BINS where stored for about 5 months, and then delivered to a different city in Ohio. (We arranged that ahead of time since I knew there would be a transport fee involved.)
Greg and his drivers were simply amazing. Clear, response, friendly, helpful. Couldn't really ask for anything better.

Highly, highly recommend these folks!

Matt Hatfield

I recently used Bins to move out of my old house, and then a few weeks later in to my new house. Last minute I needed an extra bin to move out and they were very prompt in responding to my request. Always timely, very clean, great experience! I would highly recommend them to anyone needing to move, especially if you need them stored for a few weeks!

Pablo RT

This company is amazing! The people are great and the service is off the charts! You come first! Its the easiest way to move and store all of your belongings! Definitely the safest way to transport everything you care about, no damages to any of my things! Definitely using Bins again!

Amanda Reno

We were very pleased with the service provided by Bins! We decided to go with Bins because their local ownership, fair prices, and the owner was the one that booked our reservation and provided customer service. Having that direct interaction with the owner provided reassurance the information I was getting was accurate, and it helped me trust them with all of our belongings. Thank you to Greg and his team for being polite, timely, and providing a dependable and quality product to central Ohio.

Bob Buck

I used Bins for a recent remodeling project. The bins were good looking. They were delivered quickly. Even though I needed them for several months, I never heard a complaint from neighbors about the bins being in my driveway. I highly recommend Bins if you need temporary storage.

Terry Cowan

I am very pleased with the way everybody handled our business. It was very easy to get a quote and the delivery setup, the delivery person contacted me and set them exactly where we wanted them. And there was always an answer to all of our questions immediately. I definitely would use you the next time and most definitely will put the word out to anybody else that I know that needs this type of storage. Excellently managed service.


Greg was great to work with and very responsive. Delivery crew was punctual and took great care in placing the 16' Bin. I would definitely recommend for any moving and storage needs! Support local businesses!!

Eilene Roman Adkins

Customer Service was excellent! The drivers called you before they would be arriving; they were friendly and professional. We were able to keep the bin as long as we needed to. The bin was also clean! We will definitely use Bins, LLC again!

Lisa M Yoakam

Greg and his team are wonderful! I had two 8 foot BINS that held the contents of all of my things for 5 months. It was a relief to open the BINS at my new home and find everything in perfect condition and exactly the way they were left inside.
They arrive when they say they will, and are courteous and kind. I can't say enough great things about them.
Forget about PODS..... BINS is the best local storage.

Melodi Tin Clark

Binns was awesome! It made our move so easy. I will definitely use them again.

John Chovan

Good customer support and always willing to go the extra mile. The bin delivery and pickup team is super! Very creative and accommodating. The office staff is very friendly and helpful whenever I had a question. My belongings were picked up on time, kept safe and dry, and were delivered as expected. Nothing was broken! I recommend Bins, Inc. highly.

Chuck Greene

Great people! Great service!

Amanda Wagner Kronk

I was in charge of finding the easiest and most economic way for us to move from one place to another (within 30 miles) in a small time frame since we had to be out of our home that we sold in a few days after closing. A moving company was a bit high for our liking and Instead of renting a truck and being rushed to get things on and off a truck and not having anyone to help we thought a bin might be our best bet. Turns out it was, from start to finish Greg made the process easy and stress free. He worked with us to schedule when our bin would be dropped off so we could pack and load as we go, when it would be delivered to the new place and when we had it unloaded and ready to be picked up. It was the most stress free move i have ever done. The bin kept all of our belongings in good condition and we were able to fit everything in it! it was nice to load/unload and pack/unpack at our pace. There is a reason they beat out other competitors in the area. Their customer service is amazing, the driver who delivered and picked up our bin was very nice and the pricing can't be beat. Would definitely use them again and will recommend to everyone we know.

Christin McNeil

Had such a great experience with Bins! I recently had to secure storage quickly and when PODS couldn't come through (2 week wait!?!), Greg (Bins owner) had (2) Bins at my house the next business day and picked them up just as quickly. Communication throughout the entire process was exceptional and I have been recommending them to friends ever since. Great customer service and pricing!

Ben Geiser

I can not say enough great things about Bins. We ordered two 8' Bins to help us move from our old house into our new one. Greg was my main point of contact and from beginning to end, he was wonderful to work with. Great communicator and was timely with every response. Both our delivery and pickup drivers were also very friendly, helpful and on time. It was refreshing to work with a no hassle, do exactly what they promised to do, company. I would HIGHLY recommend this company. *****

Orlando de Bien

1 review
5.0 star rating 9/7/2016
I requested 2 16ft bins. I received and loaded the first one and was impressed with how clean it was and how much it fit.
When i called for the second 16ft i was informed they did not have any available but they would give me 2 8ft instead.
In loading those 2 i found that they really did not hold as much as a 16ft. When i called to get a 3rd 8ft and mentioned my issue they worked with me to make sure i was satisfied.
There delivery was top notch and they way they load and unload the truck kept all of my things safe.
I would use them again in a heart beat!

Libby Van Ommen Gierach

We needed to secure a storage bin for our belongings during our office renovation. I did my research and am so glad that I used Bins as our provider! The office staff was so helpful and customer oriented. The driver who dropped off the bin was courteous and called before he was coming. He even called again to make sure that he was placing the bin right where we wanted it as I could not make it to the office at the time he was going to arrive. The bin was clean and it was great to have light to see what was in the bin due to how it is constructed. Would highly recommend this company.

GailandDave Martin

This is a local company and they were amazing! Would recommend them to anyone. They were prompt courteous and very accommodating . I'd give them 7 stars!

Hollie Mion

I experienced prompt, reliable service both at the beginning and end of my rental. The Bin was clean and arrived with 5 moving blankets that were in great condition. I just returned one of their large units after an extended period of time. I had no trouble with rain or snow affecting my belongings.

Ben Geiser

I can not say enough great things about Bins. We ordered two 8' Bins to help us move from our old house into our new one. Greg was my main point of contact and from beginning to end, he was wonderful to work with. Great communicator and was timely with every response. Both our delivery and pickup drivers were also very friendly, helpful and on time. It was refreshing to work with a no hassle, do exactly what they promised to do, company. I would HIGHLY recommend this company. *****