Moving & Storing

Four Convenient Sizes

Bins Containers come in four unique sizes so you can get the perfect sized container for your storage job or crosstown move.
Four different sizes allows you to completely customize your moving or storing experience.

Our 16 ft Bin holds roughly the furniture of an 1,800-2,000 sq. ft. home if packed properly.

We can transport the equivalent of one 16 ft or two 8 ft Bins Containers on the truck at one time, optimizing transportation resources.

16 ft Bins Container

Our original Bins Container is perfect for direct moves or onsite renovation projects
The 16 ft Bins Container is perfect for all of the furniture of a 1,800-2,000 sq. ft. home with plenty of room to store boxes, clothing and other small items. We can fit one 16 ft container on the truck at a time and can swap out in your driveway with ease, saving on transportation costs.

With an impressive 900 sq. ft. of space, there's plenty of room to store materials for a long term renovation project or to move extra long furniture.

Bins Containers are versatile and strong, providing safe, secure, portable moving and storing when you need it most.

Storing With Bins

Bins Containers are stacked three high in our temperature-controlled warehouse, optimizing space and security.
Other companies charge you to access your container. You can access your Bins Container at our warehouse at no charge. Just schedule with our team and your container will be waiting for you.

Bins offers DIY moving services with full-service options, like partnering with professional packing and moving companies that will do the work for you.

Bins Containers come in four convenient sizes to fit your moving and storing needs.

Moving With Bins

Use your Bins Container to renovate your home, store your belongings or move from one location to the next. We deliver, you pack, we take care of the rest.
Bins Containers can fit almost anywhere. We can place a container in your single-car driveway, on either side of a two-car driveway, on the street or in a one-car parking space.

Your rental starts when we deliver your Bins Container so you can load at your own pace without worrying about time constraints. You can have your Bins Container onsite for as long as you need to load, or have your belongings brought into our safe and secure warehouse for storage.

Moving can be stressful. If your situation changes, no need to worry! You can rent your Bins Container for as long as you need.

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