New 8′ Bins Container

Today, Bins is proud to announce our new 8 ft Bins container specifically designed to ship interstate inside a 53 ft semi-trailer. We’re finding the 8 ft Bins containers help our customers better organize their storage and/or move.

The 8 ft Bins are a little taller and 8 and a half feet tall (six inches taller than our other Bins) with the idea that you can stand a sofa up on end, saving space.

Plus, we can transport two (2) 8s at the same time, combining the route and saving you additional transport fees.

Additionally, all our Bins are loaded at ground level, avoiding bothersome ramps.

Also, our containers are made with the same materials as USPS and UPS trucks and are completely solid, eliminating the need for any shrink wrapping when inside the warehouse like one of our competitors.

We’d love to tell you more about all the pricing benefits using the 8 ft Bins container for your portable moving and storage needs. Call us anytime at 800-GOT-BINS or 800-478-2467.