Meet the Portable Storage “Handler”

Meet Big-Bin our resident “handler.”

He’s very special and took 3 years to engineer. He quietly slinks in and swoops up Bins containers for deliveries here and there. He doesn’t need much space, only a few inches on either side of the Bins. 

If you only have one available parking space to dedicate to your portable moving container, this is your perfect solution.
Watch him in action The Handler !  (Yeah, I know what you’re thinking…we made him talented!). Big-Bin levels each Portable Bins moving container the whole way during the loading and unloading process. We created him with that precision on purpose. Your stuff is important! He gets that and so do we.

This is best Portable moving solution in the world. 

So, if you see Big-Bin out and about, give him a wave or a honk. Make him feel like the rock star he is!