Just Another Reason to Choose Bins

When our competitors deliver their storage containers, they require two spaces in order to set the container down and retrieve it from the parking lot.  This is a major nuisance to other tenants and apartment managers, due to the lack of parking at apartments and condos. When Bins delivers their containers, they take up one spot and one spot only. Cars can park within inches of our Bin, and our lift system, fondly nicknamed “BigBin” can pick the container right out of the tight spot, never bothering tenants or bystanders.

Here is our competitor’s container placed awkwardly in the middle of two parking spaces at an apartment complex. Competitors need about twelve feet on all sides in order for their trucks to be able to set the containers down.

Our containers can be placed gently in one singular parking space, allowing for less of a disturbance in your neighborhood, apartment complex, or condo.

With Bins, wherever you can drive a car, we can place a Bin. Here we placed two Bins side-by-side in a two-car driveway and were able to pick them back up easily and place them simultaneously on the truck with just inches on each side of the container. If our competetors deliver a container to your house, they have no choice but to set it in the middle of the driveway, blocking access to your garage and if they were to place it on one side of your driveway, it will require them drive in your yard and possibly into your landscaping.

We at Bins feel that this is just another reason to move and store with us.