Appreciating Bins Moving and Storage

Bins® Moving and Storage prides itself on customer satisfaction and friendly service. Recently, Bins® placed a container at the household of Linda Foor, a self mover, as she transitioned to a new home. Linda had first contacted PODS®and they were unable to place a container in her tight squeeze of a driveway. Still seeking a solution, she contacted Bins® and they arrived promply to deliver her Bins® container with ease, placing it gently in her driveway.

Here’s what she had to say about Bins®:
“I want to say thanks, really, it was basically a chain of odd events that brought me to Bins®, but I know I ended up with a better product, better service, and a better company (and a locally-based business, to me, that’s what is important) than if PODS® had worked out. And you were all so nice and professional. What you’ve created just modernizes the PODS® concept and makes it more responsive: it adapts to people’s lives rather than people having to adapt to the PODS® container. I wish you much success.

I hadn’t moved in 28 years and had never put anything into storage. And, I was really figuring things out as I was going (no matter how much I’d educated myself, the true education was really in the doing.) You can’t imagine (or maybe you can) the spark of conversations with neighbors started by the presence of that Bin (it mostly brought about a lot of self-reflection) people realizing how much stuff they have and what they are going to do with it! I am seriously considering getting certified as an organizer and creating  aconsierge/coaching business for folks decluttering, downsizing, or moving (not lifting anymore boxes though!!!!).

Thanks much,
 – Linda.”