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icon-designPortable Storage Makes Moving Easy

Worried about your upcoming move? Wonder how you will ever get everything done? Luckily, there is another way. Portable storage makes moving easy.

How Can Portable Storage Help Make Packing Easier? Instead of trying to pack and move everything at once like when you rent a moving truck or hire a moving companyPortable Storage Columbus Ohio, portable storage moving lets you work at your own pace. Your Bin is delivered to your location and then you pack and load your Bin at your own convenience. Take as long or short a time as you like. Load your items easily by rolling straight into the bin. No hassling with ramps or lifting up onto a truck. BINS even supplies you with tape, boxes, bubble wrap and built-in tie downs. If you need moving pads, wardrobe bars or even motorcycle tie-downs, you can order those too.

How does BINS® Make Moving Easier? When you have finished packing up, you just call BINS. They will send you their pick-up truck promptly. Their truck is designed to lift your items without shifting them, or making marks in your driveway. After your portable storage container is loaded, you can have Bins store in their warehouse until you are ready, or take it to your new location immediately. It is that easy.

Why Choose BINS® Portable Storage?

  • BINS offers more sizes than other companies (5 ft., 10 ft. and 16 ft.).
  • Bins are water-proof, mold-proof, safe from pests and lockable.
  • Translucent top of Bins makes it easy to see what you are packing.
  • All Bins portable storage containers are made from environmentally friendly, recycled materials and are neutral colored to blend in your neighborhood.
  • Bins portable storage can be placed in a single car space or on an unpaved area.
  • BINS has affordable and competitive pricing. That can save you money.

Make Your Move Easier with Portable Storage.

Just thinking about packing those boxes can give you a headache and trying to lift all of the boxes into a moving truck can be a nightmare. Using BINS portable storage containers is a simpler, easier way to move your belongings across town, or across the country. Call BINS and you'll almost feel like your house moved itself.

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Awesome Company! When we were looking into portable storage I was pricing out PODS and BINS and we went with BINS because the customer service was unbeatable and the pricing was very reasonable. All my questions and emails were answered right away and they were extremely professional and accommodating. I highly recommend this company.  

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